Know How To Enjoy The Fresh Shellfish Today

Many of us have sat somewhere to enjoy seafood. When it comes to seafood, be careful about where to source. Also, you need to enjoy fresh seafood from the best vendor known to supply. There are different kinds of seafood we can order today. Fresh shellfish is one of them, and you must try. For anyone looking for fresh shellfish Upper Cape Cod, here is how to go about it.

But what food will be considered as shellfish today? Today, there are several categories like crustaceans. Under this, you will come across prawns, lobster, crabs and shrimps. You can also go for mollusks like mussels, oysters, octopus, quids, snails, and abalone. With all of the above, how will you get to buy and enjoy the fresh. the shellfish seafood? Read to the end and know-how.

When buying fresh shellfish, the first tip is to get the known fishmonger to supply the best in the market. You will ask around and get some suggestions from friends who have enjoyed seafood here. The best seller here should always be busy supplying shellfish. You need to ask the supplier about the time they received the fresh shellfish, their origin, and if you can pot shellfish tags. Also, ask suppliers if you can sample shellfish by smelling it.

To know you are buying great shellfish such as mussels or oysters, look at their shells. Shells must not be dirty. If they are clean, buy them. Avoid those that have a film, slimy as they are not fresh. If you want fresh seafood here, smell it. If they smell like the ocean, you have a jackpot.

If you are ordering shrimp, it must smell of the sea. The flesh must be looking firm. Those with black spots show signs of old age. You have to buy those with shells on them because they are handled by a few people. Make sure the shrimps are cleaner and have no film.

When buying crab legs, they need to be smelling like that ocean. These crabs have to feel clean, and not at all slimy. If you are looking to buy Red King, make sure that the shell is bright red. Avoid buying shrimps with cut legs.

If you want to enjoy fresh lobsters, then they should be coming from the saltwater tanks. The best meals here require that you get them live and frisky ones.

If you are to prepare fresh shellfish, then there are several recipes to follow. Today, these shellfish are fully cooked when you measure the internal temperature and it shows 145F for 15 seconds. At home, you can steam the shellfish for up to 9 minutes after steaming. You can also boil them for up to 5 minutes. For those who love baking, ten minutes will leave them fully cooked.

Some people love the grilled shellfish. You can follow some recipes and know what will make the best seafood.

In some places, some restaurants have fresh shellfish on their menu. You can look around and enjoy the best meals that you will find in your local eateries.

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